Pouches and  Bags provide a reliable, cost effective packaging solution for most Food Grade Powders and Granules including Nuts & Cereals, Bake mixes, Coffee and Drinking Chocolate.

When selecting the best packaging option for your product, keep the following in mind: pre-printed pouches from a reliable supplier will save you both time and money.  They look professional and eliminate unnecessary costs of  applying labels and are available in multiple colour choices (just like a box or label) with product information, bar codes, nutritional panels etc, they can make  your product really stand out from competitors.

  • Ideal for Short runs not suitable for form, fill & seal or that require multi use.
  • Semi-automatic & hand fill
  • ZipLock pouches available.


  • Minimum run: 5,000
  • Product Weight: From 100g to 2kg
  • 100 mm to 120mm flat pouch width
  • Most pouch lengths

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