Quality Control & Food Safety


At Total Package quality starts at our front door. Every employee is committed to Quality Culture. Not only are our contract packaging facilities and procedures certified and validated by our customers quality audit teams, we comply with:

  • Federal State & Local Legislative requirements for food processing & packaging, including to the requirements of the Australian & New Zealand Food Authority, their standards and regulations.
  • Australian Quarantine & Inspection Service regulations for the export of food products.
  • International Accreditation for quality manufacture under ISO 9001 externally audited by Societe Generale de Surveillance (Geneva, Switzerland)
  • Practices & procedures are based on the National Code of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), & a HACCP program is in place.
  • The accreditation program was completed in 1994.

Total Package is a certified organic food processor under the National Organic Food Certification Program to EEC Standard 1992 by Biological Farmers Association (BFA) under legislation by the Federal Department of Primary Industry and AQIS and complies with the Export Control (Organic Certification) orders under the Export Control Act, 1982 for Prescribed Goods.