At Total Package, we have in place a strategic partnership with experienced food management consultants. This includes a long term audit program aimed at keeping pace with the changing expectations of our customers & their respective market places. In addition, this is our strategic tool to stay current with the evolution of HACCP and ISO 9001.

We have based our practices & procedures on the National Code of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), as well as a  HACCP program  certified by  both the NSW Food Authority and Global Mark (our ISO9001 Certifiers).

For those unaware of HACCP, it is an internationally recognised system, based on the Codex Alimentarius Commission’s HACCP system and guidelines, or Standards 3.2.1 of the Food Standards Code (FSANZ) that are used to identify and manage risk.

The word HACCP stands for “Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point”and the system is based around:

  • hazard analysis
  • identifying critical control points
  • establishing critical limits
  • monitoring
  • taking corrective action
  • keeping records, and
  • verifying results.

These principles are used in food safety programs world wide to ensure the integrity of safety of your product.